In order to know how to choose your PC gamer components, it is important to know them, to understand their role, to know the impact that each one has during a game. And only then (but before purchase) can you verify that these items are suitable for your favorite games.

So find below all the components of a gaming PC selected by, and maybe you will get started in your own gaming setup.

The Graphics Card:-

As the name suggests, the quality of the graphics card directly influences the graphics on the screen. The two most popular brands are Nvidia and AMD which are currently both quite expensive.

One of the items of choice is compatibility with DirectX and the version of DirectX. Fortnite therefore demands DirectX 11 minimum and League of Legend demands DirectX 9. Finally, pay attention to the position of the graphics card in the case, as this is one of the elements that heats up the most.

RAM Modules:-

RAM modules take care of the speed of the computer. They are evaluated in GB that is to say in gigabyte. In principle 4 GB is enough to play, but it is always better to have more (if only as a preventive measure for future games).

Fortnite claims 4 GB. LOL announces a minimum configuration of 1 GB and a recommended configuration of 2 GB (4 GB for Vista).

The Hard Drive:-

The ideal configuration for a gaming PC is an SSHD hard drive with an additional SSD card. As a gamer, avoid the HDD hard drive. And if you’re on a pretty steep budget, upgrade to an SSD hard drive.

The hard drive takes care of the memory, which is where the system, programs and data are stored. However, the SSD card is faster in terms of writing. So saving games during a game is much more enjoyable because it saves faster.

Power Supply:-

This component of a PC is to be chosen of very good quality. Indeed, if there is a problem with the diet, it can grill everything. Whereas if the graphics card burns out; you just need to change it without touching the rest.

For a fairly classic gaming PC, you need 550 watts. For a PC with a high-end graphics card, you need between 620 and 650 watts. There is no point in taking more than you need. And each feed has a certification. Take a silver, gold, platinum or better titanium certification.

The Other Components Of A Gaming PC To Remember:-

Above you had the list of the components of a gaming pc to look at first. But there are also the components that are of lower quality, but which will make you concern if they are missing.

  • A case (of a size suitable for the motherboard and the graphics card)
  • A Wi-Fi card
  • A DVD player
  • Speaker
  • A screen
  • A mouse
  • A keyboard

Detailed information regarding all these components is available on our site

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