Magdalena Anderson made history in Sweden, a European country. Magdalena, leader of the Social Democratic Party and finance minister, was elected Sweden’s first female prime minister on Wednesday. However, he resigned less than 12 hours after becoming prime minister. Magdalena stepped down as prime minister dramatically after her government withdrew support from ally the Green Party and failed to get the budget approved in parliament. News from Al Jazeera and BBC.

“If any party withdraws its support from the coalition government, the prime minister will have to resign,” Magdalena told reporters after her resignation. This is the constitutional rule of Sweden. Following this rule, I am stepping down as Prime Minister. I cannot lead a constitutionally questionable government. ”

But Magdalena, who made history, hopes to return to the PM’s job soon. “I told the speaker I was resigning,” he said. However, as the leader of a single party, I will return to the post of Prime Minister soon. ‘

On November 10, the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Lofven resigned. He has been leading the Minority Alliance with the Green Party since 2014. Earlier this year, Stefan said he would resign before the September 2022 general election to give the party’s next leadership enough time.

Following Stefan’s resignation, Magdalena Anderson, 54, was elected leader of the ruling Social Democrats. He was the finance minister in the previous government. His agreement with the Left was finalized last Tuesday. The Left Party has promised to support Anderson on the condition that his pension be increased.

Magdalena had earlier confirmed the support of Green and Center parties, partners in the Social Democrats’ coalition. However, he had to face a big blow before yesterday’s vote in the parliament. MPs from both parties did not oppose Magdalena becoming prime minister, but threatened to withdraw support from the government if she was more sympathetic to the Left Party.

In a vote to become prime minister, 118 members of parliament voted in favor of Magdalena. 58 abstained. 164 people voted against him. One person is absent from voting. According to Sweden’s constitution, the prime ministerial candidate does not need a majority in parliament. Opponents of the candidate run only if there are not more than 165 people.

However, after Magdalena became the Prime Minister, extreme drama began in the Swedish Parliament. Members of the Green Party refused to approve the budget raised by Magdalena. At one point in the conflict, they withdrew support from the government. As a result, Magdalena had to resign within hours of becoming Sweden’s first female prime minister.

Apple Corps has filed a lawsuit against Israeli company NSO Group in a US court. The lawsuit alleges that Apple users used NSO’s Pegasus spyware to hack their devices. Khabar Al-Jazeera.

In the lawsuit filed last Tuesday, Apple authorities described NSO as a “unprincipled tenant” of the 21st century. Apple alleges human rights are being violated through the use of cyber-surveillance technology.

Craig Federig, senior vice president of Apple’s software engineering division, said in a statement that millions of dollars were being spent on state-of-the-art surveillance technology by the state-owned NSO Group without any accountability. This approach needs to change.

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