Should I Call The Police After A Minor Accident?
Should I Call The Police After A Minor Accident?

Minor accidents happen. People may find themselves wondering if they should call the police after a minor accident or not. These fender benders usually involve no personal injuries and may cause only a little disruption for your normal day, so you may forgo a call to the police. Not only should you call the police, but you should also potentially hire an auto accident lawyer in Sacramento. What you may consider minor damage or minimal injuries may not turn out to be true in the future. Minor injuries and minor repairs can turn out to be major injuries and expensive repairs that you did not see at the time. Don’t make this mistake.

There are other reasons why not calling the police after a minor accident can leave you in a bad situation.

Whether you need to call the police or not greatly depends on where you live. Many states have laws that require you to report to the police after an accident no matter what was the extent of the damage. Even when you file an insurance claim, you will be required to provide them with a police report.

There are a few states that require you to report an accident to the police only when the damage is more than $1000. Therefore, wherever you are residing, it’s important to know what state laws you have at your location before you think about forgoing to call the police.  You may break the law if you don’t call the police where state laws require you to report all accidents.

What to Do After a Minor Accident

  • Check the Damage and Injuries

Even if you feel like your injuries seem too minor, go to a doctor just to be sure. Some injuries are not felt instantly and might take days to show up. This will also help you determine whether you need to take help from a Sacramento bicycle accident lawyer or not. If it is a minor accident, it may get settled easily; however, if it involves serious injuries that appear later, getting compensation from the other driver or party involved can be tricky and difficult.

  • Always Exchange Insurance Information With the Other Driver

It’s vital to ask the other driver for his phone number, name, and insurance policy information before you both leave the spot. Take pictures of the license of the other driver.

  • Always Call the Police

Even if the accident seemed minor to you, again, call the police. When it is a fender bender, many injuries may show up later and cause pain but will seem like nothing just after the accident.

If the accident was not your fault, it’s important to contact a personal injury attorney in Sacramento to seek help for your case for claiming your insurance. You will struggle to get insurance for paying the expenses for damage and medical care if you don’t have medical records of your injuries and a police report. Both the insurance company and your accident attorney will require you to give them a police report.

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