The drama is a fantastic Korean youth genre that has captured young people from all over the world. Soap operas from this region and from other Asian countries give a lot to talk about. This style of animation can be enjoyed with one click thanks to the Internet.

With the constant copyright shutdown, it’s hard to know where you can see dramas available to you. We have classified some of the most popular pages like dramacool and others so that you have a clear notion when choosing. Now you will know where you will see your favorite series and where you can discover more deliveries.

For its part, the pages in English to see dramas are also quite common, more than those found in Spanish. Fortunately, it is only the platform that is in English and not the chapters that we are interested in seeing. These are the best known on the Internet.


This platform is completely in English, aimed at the English-speaking public. It is not a good alternative if you do not handle the language; however, if you understand it fluently or defend yourself enough, you can enjoy this portal to watch dramas online without problems.


The interface has a high speed.

It has a vast catalog to get series.

Downloads are available through VideoUpload

The player does not stop and has a lot of stability.

Advertising is quite low compared to most portals of this type.

It is one of the pages in English of doramas most appreciated by fans.

Receive positive feedback in general.


This page in English is designed through a pragmatic and clear model. Getting familiar with its dynamics will not take you a minute. This portal is considered one of the best to watch dramas online by the English-speaking public.


Its speed is remarkable.

Advertising is there, but it does not interfere with the quality of your user experience, as it is well controlled.

You have numerous options for your deliveries, which have several servers to reproduce.

The web version does not have the download option available, but you can activate it for your mobile device.

Your library is segmented by names, genres, country, date, and issue.

The search engine has an intermediate range when it is executed.

It has received several positive reviews on the web.


The design of this page in English is very similar to the previous one. It is created with basic fundamentals but without much aesthetics or complexity. It has certain disadvantages compared to other portals; however, the page has a considerable repertoire of dramas.


High interface speed.

Its repertoire is classified as is to the previous site.

It enjoys little publicity.

You have several video options.

A single external server to download.

It has an active community of fans to interact and change opinions.

The positive comments on this portal in general; however, it is not the first choice of users.


This site to see dramas makes its lists of recommendations and has an opinion forum on Asian culture. It has a vast library specializing in Korean and Chinese dramas and shows. This page is aimed at the English-speaking public, so you must defend yourself in the language if you want to take advantage of this website.


Its speed is higher.

The interface is simple and charming.

It’s not cluttered with ads, not to mention that they don’t stop playing.

Average format quality.

It splits deliveries by country rather than gender, so you can take a while to review the available options.

It is not diverse in terms of deliveries from other countries such as Japan, the Philippines or Turkey.

You only have one server to play the file.

It has good and bad comments from drama lovers .


This English portal is a huge site specializing in Asian content. It is not only reduced to doramas, but you can also find movies and anime on their platform. Its repertoire of deliveries is overwhelming, so if you have a notion of the language, you will not be left with nothing to see.


Its interface is stable, firm and quite efficient.

It has a great variety of genres.

Provides you maximum video quality.

The works of yesteryear are also available, but if they have not been remastered, they keep their original format.

It is constantly updated.

It is checked very frequently for down links and corrupted files.

It is recognized by users as one of the best pages to watch dramas online .


Another website from the English-speaking world dedicated to Korean and East Asian novels. The site is characterized by a delicate and feminine design. It has numerous installments and specializes in drama and romance.


Its speed is flexible and harmonic.

The user experience is very intuitive and easy to understand.

It has a large library, focused on the dramatic genre, without ruling out other areas.

The advertising is quite moderate within the server and does not interfere with the reproductions.

You can download the chapters through an alternate server without a lot of ads.

Some titles are free of subtitles, so you can be disappointed if you do not know the original language.

It is one of the websites in English to see dramas most appreciated by Internet users.

New Asian TV:

Another good option for English speakers. Its interface is quite simple, so you will get used to it in just seconds. However, its aesthetics may not be to your liking due to its simplicity.


Smooth and stable speed.

Easy to use.

Standard Quality.

It has several playback options.

It uses a good repertoire of dramas, shows and movies.

It does not rule out deliveries from past years.

It keeps up to date with the series being broadcast.

The downloads are activated through an external page.

The reviews show that it is a safe and reliable website for users.

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