A plane was flying from Cairo, Egypt to Colombia. On the way, the plane stopped in Barcelona, ​​Spain. At that time, 39 Palestinian passengers were bent over the plane. They did not go on the scheduled journey and stayed there. Demands political asylum in Spain. A Spanish government spokesman said on Friday.

The passengers were scheduled to fly to Colombia and Ecuador on another scheduled flight after landing in Barcelona from Cairo on Monday, Reuters reported on Friday. But they did not board the scheduled flight and asked the airport authorities for political asylum, a spokesman for Spain’s regional office said.

The spokesman said local immigration officials were taking care of the demands of passengers from Cairo.

He further said that they have been kept in a special room. All their needs are being taken care of. They have volunteered there.

However, he declined to give details.

This is the second such incident in less than two weeks at a Spanish airport.

Earlier, on November 8, some passengers of an Air Arabia flight from Casablanca, Morocco to Istanbul, Turkey, got off the plane at Palama de Mallorca Airport in Spain and fled. The media reported at the time that they were expecting immigration to Spain.

Pakistan’s female MP Sania Ashiq has been the victim of a cyber crime. He complained to the police that his face was covered in a porn video. Police have arrested one person in connection with the incident. Pakistan’s news media Geo TV has given this information in a report.

According to the report, Sania, the girlfriend of Nawaz Sharif’s daughter, is a Member of Parliament for Takshila in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

According to the report, Sania, who filed the complaint on October 26, said that she had recently discovered herself in a viral porn video through social media. He claimed that his face was cut off in the pornographic video.

After investigation, the police arrested the man. However, the police did not disclose any details about the investigation.
Several Pakistani media reports have claimed that Sania may find out about this in October. He then informed the government and the Central Investigation Agency about the matter.

However, through social media, several netizens have claimed that the woman in the video is Sania herself. However, Sania dismissed the claim as baseless. Police in Punjab arrested the man from Lahore after a three-week investigation into Sania’s allegations.

However, he did not reveal the identity of the arrested person. Police have not even confirmed whether the woman in the video is Sania or anyone else. The police said that further investigation is underway in this regard.

At night, the people of the village rushed to a house at the shout of a man. Everyone’s eyes glazed over what they saw.

A housewife is teasing her husband with a stick and muttering mantras in her mind. The incident took place in Hooghly district of West Bengal, India. Neighbors reported the incident to the police at around 9 pm on Thursday.

According to the Anandabazar newspaper, the police came to Subikash’s house after receiving the news and saw that the mother Tandra was chopping her daughter with a stick. He is behaving like crazy. Husband Subikash is lying next to her in critical condition. Police rescued all three members of the family naked from the ground floor of the house.

And the clothes were kept open in the upstairs room. Scatter rice on the floor throughout the house. After gathering all this information, investigators speculate that black magic may have had an effect on the whole incident.

The inconsistent words that came out of the mouth of Tandra Ghosh while she was stabbing her husband Subikash Ghosh and daughter Sulagna Ghosh with a stick.

Former teacher of Subikash Primary School. Sulagna graduated in English. Neighbors have no complaints about their families.

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