The first woman to become permanently HIV free

One patient in the United States apparently became permanently HIV-free. According to reports, she is only the third person and the first woman in the world to be HIV-free. The HIV virus causes deadly AIDS.

The woman in the United States was suffering from leukemia (a type of cancer). As part of the treatment, her stem cells were being transplanted from a person with normal HIV immunity. He has been virus-free for the last 14 months.
The incident was presented at a medical conference in Denver, the USA on Tuesday. This is known to be the first use of the method to effectively cure HIV.

As part of the treatment for cancer, blood vessels are connected to the navel of the female patient. Since then, he has not had to take the necessary antiretroviral therapy for HIV treatment.

The incident is part of a larger US study of people living with HIV. They have had similar blood transfusions for the treatment of serious diseases, including cancer.

The transplanted cells have a specific genetic mutation that prevents them from becoming infected with HIV. Scientists believe that this could help the recipients gain the body’s own immunity to HIV.

The previous two male patients were HIV-free in another way. Adult stem cells were inserted into their bodies through bone marrow transplants.

Experts say that the transplantation method that is used in this treatment involving umbilical cord blood is risky for most people living with HIV. So it is not a definite cure yet.

But Sharon Lewin, president-elect of the International AIDS Society, said: “This proves that one day HIV will be cured and gene therapy is an effective strategy.

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