BNP vice chairman and former minister Hafiz Uddin Ahmed has alleged that the current government wants BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia to die without treatment. For this reason, the government is not allowing him to be treated at the place he requested. Hafiz Uddin Ahmed made the allegation at a discussion meeting at the National Press Club on Saturday.

An organization called Citizens Forum organized a discussion meeting titled ‘Sovereignty at Sea: How Far is Bangladesh in Legal Rights’ at the Press Club. Hafiz Uddin Ahmed addressed the meeting as the chief guest. At one stage of his speech, he spoke about the treatment of Khaleda Zia.

Hafiz Uddin Ahmed complained that it was very sad that the three-time Prime Minister was not being treated. He cannot be treated at his desired place; What a cruel, inhuman government. They claim the law, but they themselves have no legal basis.

Citing the example of sending ASM Rabb, Abdul Jalil abroad for treatment even after being convicted, Hafiz Uddin Ahmed further said that despite having examples, Khaleda Zia is being deprived of her basic rights. However, he hoped that the government would allow Khaleda Zia to go abroad for medical treatment.

BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s physical condition is unstable. The situation has not deteriorated in the last two days. However, the doctors do not want to call it improvement.

The condition was reported after talking to several people associated with Khaleda Zia’s treatment on Friday.

Khaleda Zia, who was convicted in the Zia Orphanage and Zia Charitable Trust corruption cases, was admitted to the Evercare Hospital in the capital more than once after being released on an executive order by the government. She was last admitted to Evercare Hospital on November 13 under cardiologist Shahabuddin Talukder. A six-member medical board has been formed for his treatment there. His treatment involves specialist doctors from at least two other large private hospitals in the capital.

Besides, medical leader AZM Zahid Hossain is staying in the hospital almost all the time.

Khaleda Zia is 6 years old. He is suffering from multiple complex diseases. New tests are being done in the hospital almost every day. He also had a health check-up at the Department of Nuclear Medicine yesterday afternoon. There were some tests last Wednesday afternoon.

In the last week of last month, Khaleda Zia’s illness came up again. On October 25, AZM Zahid Hossain told a news conference that a biopsy had been performed on a small lump or wheel found in Khaleda Zia’s body.

Besides, it has been reported that Khaleda Zia has chronic liver problems.

Doctors’ sources told Prothom Alo that Khaleda Zia had undergone an operation on her body. In addition, there is a problem of bleeding in his small intestine. This problem has not been solved permanently yet.

A similar statement was made by a high-ranking official of Evercare Hospital on these two issues.

When this reporter went to the Evercare hospital yesterday morning, the authorities did not agree to give an official statement about the latest situation of Khaleda Zia. The Public Relations Department said, ‘We cannot talk about any patient without the permission of the patient. We don’t have that permission. ‘

Another official said Khaleda Zia was brought downstairs in a wheelchair at 3pm last Thursday to undergo some tests. The officer then greeted Khaleda Zia. Khaleda Zia shook her head and answered the salutation. Another hospital official said the situation was not too bad.

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