Australian restaurants, stadiums and entertainment centers are opening after the corona ban. But the entrepreneurs and managers are struggling to launch them fully. There has been a lack of necessary manpower.

Deutsche Welle reports, citing Reuters, that a large number of seasonal workers and foreign students left Australia during the Corona. New students or staff could not arrive during this period due to the imposition of strict controls at the border. Many of those who left did not return. That is why various business sectors are in crisis with seasonal workers. Although the organization is fully operational, many people have to continue their activities without the necessary staff.

Rhonda Everingham is the manager of an organization that hires staff for the hospitality sector. Describing the situation, he said, “Hundreds of applications would have been submitted if a job had been announced before the lockdown.” Now if five are available then you are lucky. Suitable to get three of these. By the time you call them, they will have found another job. ’

The biggest losers are Sydney’s two largest cities in Australia and Melbourne’s service-dependent businesses. Covid’s rules have been relaxed in Sydney on October 11 and in Melbourne last week. This picture of the field of labor crisis is also captured in the official statistics of the country. The number of people arriving on non-resident work visas was two-thirds lower in the June quarter of this year than at the beginning of 2020. At the same time, the number of foreign students in the country has decreased by three lakh compared to the previous period.

A quarter of Australia’s 2.2 million irregular workers live in Sydney. At the end of the four-month lockdown, the city was allowed to resume normal operations. The first big event is going to be held on October 25 with a football match with 22,000 spectators. This requires 630 cooks, cleaners or security guards. At the same time they have been able to mobilize this manpower as there is no other big event. But an organization representative said everyone in the hospitality business is now facing staff challenges.

Under such circumstances, the state government of New South Wales has planned to take a large number of foreign students this time. At the same time, they want to take four lakh migrants a year to meet the labor demand, which is twice as much as the previous Covid. But according to the instructions of the government, this Mu.

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