The Pentagon will set up US bases in Guam and Australia to meet China’s challenge. A U.S. defense official said Monday. The U.S. Department of Defense has taken this step after reviewing the global security situation, according to a report in the US media CNN.

Shortly after taking office, Joe Biden instructed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to review the global situation in February.

Although the documents in this review are confidential, a senior Defense Department official has provided some information.

Biden recently endorsed Austin’s global situation review and recommendations, said Mara Carlin, deputy undersecretary for policy-making at the U.S. Department of Defense. Asia and the Pacific have become more important. Because, in his review, Austin has shown that China is increasing the challenge for the US Department of Defense.

As tensions with Beijing escalate, the Biden administration has made resisting China a key foreign policy priority. This includes the issue of Taiwan. Senior Pentagon officials have publicly expressed concern about China’s efforts to modernize its military. Last month, Mark Mille, chairman of the US Army’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, said China had recently conducted a successful test of a hypersonic missile.

The Defense Department official added that the Austin review report called on the United States Department of Defense to increase infrastructure in Guam and Australia to counter China. It also called for military build-up across the Pacific islands. There was also talk of taking greater regional opportunities for military partnership activities.

Austin’s report called for a reduction in the number of troops and equipment in other parts of the world, with greater emphasis on Asia and the Pacific. However, Defense Department officials did not provide details about the move. The U.S. military is reportedly preparing for Eastern Europe.

Austin has raised the issue of continuing support in the fight against the militant group IS in the Middle East. Afghanistan was not included in the review. That came up in a separate review by the National Security Council. The review, however, did not include nuclear issues as well as space and cyber issues. These are reviewed in separate sections.

Concerns are growing around the world about new types of corona amicron. On the other hand, scientists are skeptical about whether the existing vaccines will be effective against antimicrobials.

In this situation, the vaccine manufacturers are on the way to create new vaccines. Meanwhile, Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson, and Biontech are talking about developing new types of vaccines. Scientists at Oxford University have also spoken of creating new vaccines if necessary.

However, Stephen Bansell, chief executive of US vaccine maker Modern, has heard some bad news about the new type of corona. In an interview with the UK’s Financial Times on Tuesday, he said there were doubts about whether the existing corona vaccines would be effective against antimicrobials. Scientists are not able to hear the hope. It will take another two weeks to get information on the effectiveness of current vaccines. Meanwhile, it will take a few months to create a new vaccine.

However, Emmer Cook, executive director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), told the European Parliament that even if a new strain of corona spreads, the existing corona vaccine will be protected.

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