In the next two to four days, the country will experience light heat during the day and mild winter at night. Temperatures will continue to drop simultaneously across the country between November 23 and 25. The severity of winter may increase in early December.

This has been said in the forecast of the Meteorological Department. The department says that this time the winter may be more than other years.

According to the department, the depression created in the Bay of Bengal has again risen to the coasts of Chennai and Andhra Pradesh in India. This time the cloud was not as wide as the previous depression. Due to this, despite light rain in South India, the cloud team could not reach Bangladesh. The sky of the capital became clear on Friday.

Meteorologist of the Meteorological Department Ruhul Quddus told Prothom Alo that there is no possibility of cloud-rain at present as the low pressure has turned into light pressure. As a result, the sky may be cloudless.

The meteorological department said that the hailstorm from Siberia could not spread across the country due to the low pressure created in the Bay of Bengal. However, winter has almost come down in the north.

The lowest temperature in the country yesterday was 13.6 degrees Celsius in Tentulia, Panchagarh. The minimum temperature in the capital dropped to 16 degrees Celsius.

Even though it is winter now as a conspiracy, the northernmost district of the country, Panchagarh, is experiencing winter. Tentulia in Panchagarh has recorded the lowest temperature in the country for 13 consecutive days. During these 13 days, the minimum temperature of Tentulia has been fluctuating between 13 and 14 degrees Celsius.

The minimum temperature recorded at Tentulia in Panchagarh was 13.2 degrees Celsius at 9 am on Thursday. This is the lowest temperature in the whole country. Earlier, the country’s lowest temperature was recorded at the Tentulia Meteorological Observatory from November 8 to date. Earlier, on November 5, Srimangal in Sylhet recorded the lowest temperature in the country at 14.6 degrees Celsius.

Although the intensity of the sun increases with each passing day, the feeling of winter is starting in the light cool air in the afternoon. Despite the intense sunshine throughout the day, the evening is covered with fog, which lasts till dawn. However, due to the intense sun during the day, there is a big difference between day and night temperatures. The maximum temperature of the day was recorded at 30.1 degrees Celsius at Tentulia Meteorological Observatory around 6 pm on Wednesday.

In this northern town, it is getting cold every afternoon. People who go out of the house in the evening are seen coming out in winter clothes. The fog that has been falling since the evening and the cold northern wind that comes late at night makes it cold all night long. At night people have to sleep wrapped in blankets. For this reason, the crowd is increasing in the upholstery shops of Panchagarh.

Due to its close proximity to the Himalayas, winter in Panchagarh comes a little earlier and also leaves late. Even in winter, meteorologists say that the intensity of winter is high as the Himalayan snow enters the area directly.

Tentulia meteorological officer in charge. Russell Shah said the country’s lowest temperature has been recorded in Tentulia for 13 consecutive days. At present the sky is cloudless and the intensity of the sun is increasing during the day. At the same time, the amount of fog has decreased a bit and at night the Himalayan snow is starting to enter Tentulia in a short range.

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