The college was 11 kilometers away from home. I had to walk. One day he wanted to buy a bicycle from his father. Sareng’s father did not have the ability to launch the police. He left for Dhaka in anger. He took a job in a business establishment in Moulvibazar of old Dhaka. The rest is the history of Mustafa Kemal’s labor, sweat and enthusiasm.

The Meghna Group of Industries (MGI) formed by him (Mostafa Kamal) is now one of the leading industrial groups in the country. Mostafa Kamal has set up 47 factories one by one. He is one of the pioneers of industrialization in Bangladesh.

Most of the factories of Meghna Group are located at Sonargaon in Narayanganj. Mostafa Kamal is one of the earliest entrepreneurs on the journey of industrialization that began decades ago around the banks of the Meghna River. He also named his business Meghna after the river Meghna. Now Meghna’s business is so wide that one out of every two families in the country buys fresh brand products. All in all, Mostafa Kamal is an entrepreneur who grew up on his own from an ordinary family.

Mostafa Kamal’s family with his wife, three daughters and one son. Mostafa Kamal himself is the chairman and managing director of Meghna Group. Wife Beauty Akter Vice Chairman. Eldest daughter Tahmina Mostafa oversees the FMCG and daughter-in-law Tanjima Mostafa oversees the international purchasing and cement business. Son Tanvir Mostafa is in charge of the information technology aspect of the organization. Youngest daughter Tasneem Mostafa is the director.

The day of not eating
One afternoon in March last year, Mustafa Kemal told his story of becoming an entrepreneur. He started with the story of his childhood. What is manga in the north is rat in Comilla. Every year from Agrahayan to Poush there is a period of rat. Mostafa Kamal said, ‘My parents used to feed us without eating.’ Then I would cut the grass for the cows and go to school. On the way back in the afternoon, I would fill my stomach and drink tap water. ‘

Mostafa Kamal’s father was a small launch employee, used by the police. People believed in him and allowed him to keep money. That money was once stolen. Then his father repaid half of the money sent to the family for six months. Mostafa Kamal said, ‘My father used to pay about 30 rupees a month. I have had to suffer a lot for half a day. ‘

Mostafa Kamal is one of the three children of Nur Mia and Ayesha Khatun. Born in 1955. Mostafa Kamal used to walk about one and a half kilometers to school in the hot summer, knee-deep mud in the rainy season and trembling in winter. College is 11 kilometers away from home. It is no longer possible to walk. Even then he went to college for a few months. Then the whim of the bicycle, the inability of the father, got angry and went to Dhaka. That incident took place in 1983.

185 rupees salary
On his way to Dhaka, Mostafa Kamal brought 10 kg of rice from home. He said, ‘There was a lot of rice at that time. Rice can be cooked and eaten with salt. ‘A cousin of Mostafa Kamal used to work in the traffic department of the police. He lived in a police barracks in Gulistan. He had a place to stay. After staying in a house in Jatrabari for a few months, an acquaintance got a job in a shop in old Dhaka with a salary of Tk. 185.

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