A Turkish court has asked Saudi Arabia to look into the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khasogi. The court asked the Turkish Ministry of Justice to contact the Saudi authorities to determine whether the accused had been investigated, tried or sentenced. The next hearing of the case will be on February 24 next year.

Qatar-based Al Jazeera reports that the trial for Jamal Khasogi’s assassination began last year. The case was heard for the fifth day on Tuesday. The court is prosecuting 26 Saudi nationals, including a vice consul and an attache. They are accused of being involved in the killing of journalist Khasogi at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul in October 2016.

Khasogi, known as a critic of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, visited the Saudi embassy in Istanbul on October 2, 2016 to get the necessary documents for his marriage. At that time he was killed and his body was dismembered. Turkish officials at the embassy testified in court.

Turkish lawyers are seeking life in prison for 16 people charged with premeditated murder and five years in prison for destroying evidence.

The court has twice rejected a request from Khashoggi’s fiance Hatice Genghis’ lawyer to add a US intelligence report as evidence that the Saudi prince consented to the killings.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the death toll from corona in Europe could exceed 2.2 million by March. The agency says the epidemic is now the leading cause of death across Europe. The warning comes at a time when several European countries are witnessing violent protests against coronation restrictions, such as lockdowns. News from The Guardian.

Concerned about the spread of Covid-19 in Europe, WHO regional director Hans Klug said they were “deeply concerned” about the contagious situation on the continent.

According to the WHO, the daily death toll in Corona in Europe now stands at 4,200, almost double the daily death toll in September. On the other hand, the total death toll in the whole of Europe, including the United Kingdom, has already exceeded 1.5 million.

The WHO described the situation as “extremely dire” and said the situation in 25 of the 53 European countries was “extremely worrying”. If this trend continues, the total death toll on the continent could exceed 2.2 million by early March next year. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that if the current rate of deaths in Europe continues, another 600,000 people could die by March 1.
The United Kingdom is the largest victim of corona in Europe, according to the world’s most recently updated website, Corona.

Corona of more than 99 lakh 32 thousand people has been identified there till Wednesday. And 1 lakh 44 thousand 138 people died. Then there is France.

More than 84 lakh 50 thousand people in the country have been identified as corona, 1 lakh 17 thousand 753 people have died.

According to the World Meters, 25 crore 92 lakh 55 thousand 629 corona have been identified in the world so far. 51 lakh 6 thousand 498 people died.
Europe once became the epicenter of the epidemic after the outbreak of the corona.

This time the region is becoming the center again. In this context, new restrictions are being imposed on citizens of many European countries who have not been vaccinated. It is even provoking controversy as some countries have made vaccination compulsory.

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