What To Do After Brow Lamination
What To Do After Brow Lamination

It’s a fact that not everyone has symmetrical eyebrows. Your hair strands might follow a different pattern, hiding the face’s natural beauty. However, Aussie fashion and hair grooming enthusiasts are now in awe of a new painless solution; However, specific aftercare tips are highly essential if you want to try eyebrow lamination. Here’s how Aussies can adapt to this European beauty process and ensure a zero drop in their eyebrow lift.

Aftercare Eyebrow Lamination Beauty Tips Visiting any beauty spa in Australia can offer you a general experience during eyebrow lamination. Here’s the process in a nutshell.

The professional cleanses your brows
You discuss the preferred type of brow lift shape
The professional applies a keratin-rich cream and sets a cling wrap
Finally, the expert shapes your eyebrows with a thread
The result — you walk out with glossy laminated brows and a stunning look!

However, you do have a particular responsibility after this process. Here’s what you should avoid for 24 hours.

Washing eyebrows
Rubbing them with anything
Applying makeup on the brows
Taking a steam bout
Aftercare For 48 Hours
Avoid the following activities or processes for two days.

Contact with sunlight
Exposure to heat
A nice swim at any pool
Exfoliation of the eyebrows
Extreme workout or cardio session
Overall, these care tips ensure that you do not subject the eyebrow hair to damage. Avoiding these activities can prevent your laminated brows from becoming brittle.

What To Do After Brow Lamination? Now that you know what things you should avoid, it’s vital to enhance your look with the following tips.

Use Suggested Aftercare Product
Spas all over Australia recommend their favourite products for brow lamination aftercare. These solutions can be castor oil, brow serum, or any patented product.

All you need to do is condition your eyebrows as suggested by the spa professional. Solutions like castor oil provide shine and rebuild hair structure. Hence, using suggested aftercare products as per instructions is necessary for a mesmerising look.

Keep Your Eyebrows Dry
This tip is applicable for an entire day after the brow lamination process. The reason to keep the eyebrows dry is simple — the spa technician applies two creams on your brows. If the eyebrows remain dry, the chemicals settle, and the hair strands gain the desired shape and style. Hence, for a long-lasting look, ensure you keep your eyebrows dry.

Relax And Enjoy
A positive outlook after any beauty procedure leads to better results. After all, you are in a great frame of mind. Visualise your new look and gain self-confidence over the next few days. Consequently, you will walk out on the fascinating Australian beaches in style!

Wrapping Up
Eyebrow lamination is a painless beauty process without any side effects. You can get a film-star look at any professional Aussie spa. Evenly-shaped eyebrows can accentuate your facial beauty immensely. Follow the dos and don’ts of the aftercare process. Notably, the care tips are simple and achievable without any hassle. So, walk into your favourite spa or hairstylist store and notice the difference.

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