Why Window Graphics Are So Popular a Mode for Advertising

Companies have used many techniques to build their brand name. Among the various others, one such popular way that has been adopted by nearly everybody is advertising through window graphics. Now that things have become much less severe and people are again back on the streets, the shops now stand a chance of showcasing themselves and get noticed by people. There are still many who like to shop from stores to get the actual feel and excitement out of it and you can arrange that for them even from the moment they haven’t even stepped inside your store.

Creating a positive impression should be the objective behind using such window graphics. Even now social distancing is being practiced. And keeping this in mind some small stores are carrying on their business only by portraying the selective things that are available for purchase that can only be pre-ordered and collected according to the time mentioned at the time of the order. In this way, they are avoiding the crowd.

The usefulness of the window graphics

Brand building

Standing out from the others is the key to catching the eyes of the people and ingrain in their memory the identity of your brand. Window graphics do this job far better than many other modes of advertising. Their easily distinguishable nature can bring around a much-needed awareness regarding your brand. Maintain a proper balance between the use of window decals or stickers along with the images used for online brand building to create a seamless brand experience across all channels.

Appearance matters

Even before the people have walked into your store, they have more or less made an impression about it through the displayed window graphic. We know that first impression matters right? So, the graphics should be so that they would make the customers long for more and that would make them step inside the shop. Striking imagery and skillful designs should be carefully chosen as the appearance matters.

Arousing Curiosity

When we happen to pass by a shop that has an opaque full window decal, naturally a curiosity arises in us that make us open the door of the shop to inspect further. Even at times when your store remains closed, including the QR code in the window graphics to link to your website can be thought of as it would enable the interested passersby to know more about your brand.

Budget-friendly and sustainable

One attribute of the window decals is that they change according to the change of season and the offers the store has to showcase. So, changing them quite frequently is necessary. But that doesn’t mean it would be too costly for you. They are made up of such a material that it makes them budget-friendly. And they are sustainable as little to no maintenance is required once they have been put up on the window.

Order according to your need

So many options are available now for the decals and you can choose from any one of them that would make your shop window do the talking. There are the one-way vision signs (perforated window decals), front adhesive decals, clear window decals, opaque window decals, etc. As per your requirement do the selection.


Try to keep a consistency of what has been displayed outside with the things displayed inside the store. It would then be like a unified whole. Using wall stickers and custom vinyl floors can be some of the options you can consider trying to achieve a balanced look.

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