World Cup qualifiers this time are very difficult for Streaming
World Cup qualifiers this time are very difficult for Streaming

Both matches in the World Cup qualifiers this time are very difficult for Streaming Argentina. Probably the two toughest matches for Argentina in the South American qualifiers. Argentina will play Uruguay at 5.30 am Bangladesh time tomorrow, then Neymar will play against Brazil at the same time on Wednesday. If Argentina wins these two matches and the results of the other few matches are in Argentina’s favor, this time Messi can be guaranteed a place in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar World Cup qualifiers streaming.

The Argentine daily TYC Sport has not yet commented on Argentina’s possible XI. TYC Sport confirms how coach Lionel Scaloni can play in the Argentina XI, who can play in the remaining ten positions in the report. One of the positions the player could not name was due to suspicion surrounding Lionel Messi.

However, according to the Argentine football website Mundo Albiceleste, Messi will play tomorrow against Uruguay in the team of his friend Luis Suarez. In that case, Messi will be the partner of Lautaro Martinez and Anhel Di Maria in the attack.

Messi has been suffering from minor injuries since leaving Barcelona for PSG last August. However, due to injury, Argentina also played the last two matches on the way to winning the Copa America title. But this time Messi did not play in the last two matches of the league and Champions League for PSG due to knee injury and hamstring problem. Messi got the injury on him in the match against Venezuela in the previous international break!

But Messi has come with a risk in the call of Argentina. You will play when you recover from the injury, that’s the plan.

For Messi, of course, these two matches are very emotional. Like Uruguay has friend Suarez, Brazil also has Neymar. In Barcelona, ​​on the field, off the field, the friendship of these three gems has come to the headlines a lot. After leaving Barcelona, ​​Messi has now become Neymar’s teammate in PSGsports

The match of Brazil will come later, for now Argentina is thinking about the match of Uruguay. And the big thought there is whether to get the captain or not. Messi has practiced with the national team in the last few days. That’s why Scaloni and his teammates are hoping to get Messi in both Uruguay and Brazil matches.

However, TYC Sport writes, Argentina is still in the previous plan. Messi will play against Uruguay for a while, whether it is from the beginning or a substitute. Then they will play the whole match against Brazil on their own soil.

And if Messi doesn’t play against Uruguay from the start tomorrow, who will take Messi’s place in the XI? TYC Sport has three options in the description of Argentina’s possible XI. Messi will play either Juventus’ Paolo DiBalla or Inter Milan’s Joaquin Correa.

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