[NBA] Kawhi Leonard: “I Want To Finish My Career With The Spurs”

◼️ The San Antonio star attended the media after training the team. He assures that he will play again this season.

The San Antonio Spurs are in an uncertain scenario, almost unknown in the Gregg Popovich era. With 37 wins in 64 games they have not yet secured their presence in the playoffs either mathematically or by feeling. Fifth in the Western Conference and with 18 games still to be played, they have the Los Angeles Clippers (ninth) and the Utah Jazz (tenth) only two and a half wins and three game advantage, respectively, and with a very difficult calendar: 15 of their 18 duels will be against rivals above 50% win porcentage.

If everything goes wrong, it would be the first time that the silver spur franchise has been out of the final rounds since 1998. It may also be the second time, since that same year, that they don’t reach 50 victories. The first was in 1999 when only 50 duels were played for the lockout. Of course, they finished with a balance 37-13 and with the first champion ring in their history.

A delicate situation in which the absence of Kawhi Leonard has been a key factor. The forward has been on the court for only nine games because of a tendinopathy in the right quadriceps that deprived him of starting the campaign and left him KO on January 15. His recovery process (and his fall after returning in December) has been a mystery and cause for tension between the Spurs and the player himself, according to ESPN. The American media pointed out that Leonard was “disconnected” and “distant” from the team. The heads of the team refused, but the embers were left with a date on the horizon: summer of 2019, when Kawhi can go to the market as a free agent without restrictions. A ghost that the forward himself has wanted to dispel after training on Wednesday: “I want to finish my career in the Spurs. There’s no friction, he talked to Pop every day, he knows what the progression is, he knew everything I’m doing”.

Good news for the Spurs (which time will confirm or deny) that adds to the possibility of returning in March (will also see if it is true or false), at the opening gates of the playoffs. Although the forward is cautious. “I’ll be back soon, I don’t have a return date right now, I just have to keep doing what I’m doing, the progression I’m making has been excellent, I just have to keep going like this”, Kawhi said.

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