[NBA] Steph Curry, On His Way To A Second 50-40-90 Campaign

Only for the elite. Reserved for the supersonic powers and mathematical aim. Stephen Curry is on his way to do it again. It would be the second time he achieves this landmark in his career. You just have to shot a little bit better than he has been doing so far.

The prestigious club of the 50-40-90. Inside it we find an exclusive group of highly reliable shooters from all distances. This athletes have been able to finish a season above 50% in field goals, 40% in triples and 90% in free throws.

This are some of the few that have done it in the past:


The last one to achieve it was precisely the Warriors point guuard, two seasons ago. Last year he was a bit far from the mark, especially due to field shots (46.8%), but this season ii’s frankly very possible.

Here are his stats so far this season:

FG% 3PT% FT%
Stephen Curry 2017/18 49,5% 42,4% 91,8%

0.5% improvement in field goals and done. That alone separates him from an amazing historic second campaign. Or at least amazing enough to afford a new mention in the select club.

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