Derrick Rose Will Play For The Minnesota Timberwolves Until The End Of The Season

◼️ The former MVP, without a team since February 10, has signed with Thibodeau’s team (with whom he played with in the Bulls) until the end of the season.

Derrick Rose will play until the end of the season for the Minnesota Timberwolves, reports Adrian Wojnarowski (ESPN). He will collect the $ 460,468 that he had left of his 2.3 million contract he signed with Cavaliers (Bobby Marks). The base was without a team since last February 10 when he was cut by the Utah Jazz, his fourth franchise in the last two years.

The youngest MVP in the history of the NBA thus opens a new chapter in a race that came close to ending this year due to injuries. Among the most serious, the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee in the playoffs of 2012 (didn’t play the next season) and the meniscus in November 2013 (only played ten games).

His landing in Minnesota will allow him to reconnect with an old acquaintance: Tom Thibodeau. The Wolves coach lead the Bulls (where current wolves Jimmy Butler and Taj Gibson were also) who made it to the Eastern Conference final in 2011 with Rose as the team’s lord and master. It was the best sports season of the Illinois player, with a fast and violent style of play that didn’t respect the basic principles of physics. He moved bodies. He crashed against them like a pinball until he reached the rival’s basket. The hearts of an entire NBA generation regrets the fall of one of their favorite children.

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