Chris Paul Could’ve Sign For The Boston Celtics In 2011

The medium Bleacher Report has published a curious anecdote about the figure of Chris Paul. The current Houston Rockets base was offered to wear the Boston Celtics jersey back in 2011; however, by then technical Doc Rivers finally dismissed the operation in which Rajon Rondo had been included due to the friendship that united him with Monty Williams.

This story will come through the memories of Ray Allen, who in about two weeks will publish his new book entitled ‘From the Outside: ‘My Journey through Life and the Game I Love’, and written by the author Michael Arkush.

“In the end Doc (Rivers) decided he couldn’t do that to his coach Monty Williams. Monty was Doc’s disciple after having trained him at Orlando Magic”, explains Allen.

Chris Paul, chosen by New Orleans in 4th place in the 2005 Draft, is averaging 18.1 points in the current regular season, 8.1 assists, 5.5 rebounds and 1.8 steals in 32 minutes on the court.

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