[NBA] Popovich: “Leonard’s Return Depends On The Player’s Doctors”

The hopes of Kawhi Leonard returning to the courts on Thursday, against the Pelicans, and to help some Spurs who are now out of the playoffs, were dispelled yesterday when it was learned that the problems of his quadriceps injury persist and that therefore his return is postponed until further notice.

Leonard has taken part in some games of this course but has relapsed from his injury. The return was, and is, stipulated, according to ESPN, to mid-March, so the possibility of him being ready for next week is still there. The Spurs play for their lives against the Warriors on Monday, March 19, against the Wizards on the 21st and the Jazz on the 23rd.

“He has to be discharged by the medical team that (Leonard) is watching”, said Gregg Popovich about the time of his return, according to Ramona Shelburne, for ESPN and with information from journalist Michael C. Wright. “And until this happens we will not be able to make a decision on when he will return. Then, we will both sit down to see the propitious moment (for the return). But first you need the doctors’ permission. “

Popovich said he has seen Leonard’s training, but that the player requires a “little more work” to shore up his return. The Spurs are rushing. They need their star.

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