[NBA] Scott Brooks Gives No Clues About Wall’s Return

John Wall played his last game on January 25 and underwent surgery on the 31st of that same month, at which time after being operated on his left knee his loss was estimated between six and eight weeks. Well, we are in the seventh week and no one sets a timetable for us to see it in action again.

Just because of that mystery Scott Brookshas been questioned. The coach of the Wizards, quiet thanks to the great performance of the rest of his staff in the absence of the base -balance of 12-7-, prefers to focus on returning the player to one hundred percent before setting a date.

“It’s in the right direction. He looks good pulling, handling the ball and working by himself. I don’t know how many matches he will play. We’re just going to wait until he’s ready to play. It’s not a desperate situation. It would be great to have him already, but it’s not like that”, he says.

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