A Police Shooting Protest Delays The Sacramento Kings Game

Stephon Clark died last Sunday in the backyard of his grandmother’s house, south of Sacramento, because of police shots after a chase on foot. Police believed that Clark, a 22-year-old black man, had a gun in his hand, but later it became known that what he was carrying was his mobile phone. The incident, one more of the many of this type that happen in the United States on a constant basis, has caused an NBA game to be delayed and affected.

Hundreds of protesters have managed to give voice and image to their protest at the death of Clark by blocking access to the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento before the meeting between Kings and Hawks. As a result of the demonstration, the Kings closed the access to the pavilion ahead of time and thousands of people couldn’t access their seats.

The match, which ended with a score of 105 to 90 in favor of the Kings, began 23 minutes late and with thousands of empty seats. The Kings decided to allow all the spectators who had managed to enter the pavilion to sit in the lower rows and offered food and drinks for free to all.

The Californian franchise issued a statement explaining that because it could not be guaranteed that people with tickets would safely enter the pavilion, “the pavilion will remain closed and we ask our fans to go home.” The Kings also assured that they will return the money of the tickets.

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