UEFA Opens An Investigation Against Liverpool After Attacks On The Manchester City Bus

◼️ The case will be analyzed by the disciplinary body of UEFA on May 31

UEFA opened a disciplinary investigation on Thursday after the attack on the Manchester City bus on Wednesday before the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final against Liverpool at Anfield.

The bus carrying the City players was hit by bottles and cans on arrival at the stadium one hour before the start of the match, finally won 3-0 by Liverpool.

UEFA specified that the investigation will deal with the presence of flares, the launching of objects, and acts of vandalism as well as problems in the stands.


“The accusations of acts of vandalism and problems among the public are related to the incidents in which the Manchester City bus was affected”, UEFA said in a statement.

The case will be studied by the disciplinary body of UEFA on May 31, said the European football body.

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