Kobe: Rockets And The Warriors, His Favorites To Win It All

The playoffs are just around the corner and it’s time to make the predictions. Although we still do not know if it will be Minnesota Timberwolves or Denver Nuggets that completes the list of 16 teams, the fact is that the great candidates to win the ring are already on the table.

With that scenario, Kobe Bryant was questioned during a conference because of his opinion about it. The legend of the NBA believes that it will be an interesting post season in which his favorites are clear.

“I’m curious to see what the Raptors give of themselves. Cleveland obviously will be dangerous with LeBron James, the shooters that surround him and that shot of youth they’ve had. Regarding Kyrie Irving’s injury, it was a hard blow for Boston”, he says before emphasizing that he sees the winner in the Western Conference. “I like Houston and Golden State, they’re my favorites, but I’ll stay out of the odds.

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