After 14 Long Years, The Timberwolves Return To The NBA Playoffs

◼️ The Minnesota quintet beat the Nuggets 112-106 and qualified for the postseason. The matchups are ready.

There were tears, hugs, even with family members. The Timberwolves players were stunned by the fact, putting an end to a 14-year postseason drought with a 112-106 victory over the Nuggets, a rival they were fighting for a direct NBA playoff spot.

In a magical night, Jimmy Butler uncovered and with 31 units he led the Minnesota quintet in a duel in which for the first time, in 21 years, two teams defined their future on the last day of the regular season. The Target Center public took white scarves to commemorate what happened and celebrate something historic.

Winning three of the four quarters, the Timberwolves always had everything under control and took advantage of the personal score to counter and nullify the Nuggets’ intentions. Now, Minnesota will have a great challenge when they measure up to the Rockets, one of the best teams of the moment and who qualified with total superiority in the Western Conference.

Eastern Conference:

[1] Raptors vs [8] Wizards

[2] Celtics vs [7] Bucks

[3] 76ers vs [6] Heat

[4] Cavaliers vs [5] Pacers

Western Conference:

[1] Rockets vs [8] Timberwolves

[2] Warriors vs [7] Spurs

[3] Trail Blazers vs [6] Pelicans

[4] Thunder vs [5] Jazz


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