[FITNESS] From Sumo Wrestler To Running Motivation, This Family Man Lost 100 Pounds And Here’s How

◼️ Yusuke Kirimoto his family used to bother him because of his overweight, but that’s over.


I grew up in the United States, but I’m from Japan. Every time I came home, my family made fun. My nickname was “sumo wrestler”. Eventually, I became depressed and started to lean on food for relief. Things got so bad that I closed the blinds, disconnected my phone and ate junk all day.


One day at work I dropped a pen. When I tried to pick it up I was about to fall forward and began to breathe very strongly. I was already a father at that time and it scared me not to know how much time I could spend with my daughter on this planet, if something as simple as bending over to pick up a pen left me breathless.


Changing my diet was the first step. Every time I felt hungry I ate an apple. I ate fruit twice a day to satisfy my cravings for junk products. In a short time I managed to lose 50 pounds. Now I eat Greek yogurt with granola in the morning; a salad with broccoli, peas and a light dressing as lunch; Many vegetables boiled or cooked for dinner. Also like a lot of vegetables.


My daily exercise used to be to walk from my house to the car. Running changed that. I live in Colorado and a colleague convinced me to go jogging on the trails. Running surrounded by beautiful landscapes and the smell of nature was like a sensory overload, in a good way. I run five to 10 kilometers four days a week, I lift weights four days and I swim 800 meters three days. On weekends I run with my daughter. I am currently training for six races between the months of March and September.


My depression left. I have more energy. I no longer feel exhausted when I return home after work and when I returned to Japan, everyone was surprised. My mother just said: “Who are you?” They could not believe that he had changed so much; that was in itself a reward.


Kirimoto found an unexpected source of inspiration for fitness in Sara, her 10-year-old daughter. This is what he did to motivate her to run with him.


“Instead of just sitting and watching TV on weekends, we started with slow walks of just 1.5 km”, says Kirimoto. “Sometimes, she even rode her bike beside me while I ran.”


Remember, it should not feel like a job. “We joke and have fun, we talk about movies and that kind of thing. My daughter now enjoys accompanying me to run on Sundays”, says Kirimoto. It is not an obligation


“Sara enjoys running, but I don’t pressure her to continue doing so”, says Kirimoto. “I just want to keep it moving and be healthy. She currently loves gymnastics, so he concentrates on that too. “


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