Embiid: “I’m Going To Be A Nightmare For The Miami Heat”

Through the big door. This has been the professional debut of Joel Embiid in the NBA playoffs. The Cameroonian started in the third game of the series against the Heat (108-128 for the 76ers), after being absent since the end of March, when he suffered a fracture in the orbit of his left eye due to an involuntary hit by Markelle Fultz .

That ended with Embiid in the protocol of concussions in the league and with surgery on his face. Last night, finally, and with a protective mask of the damaged area, the pivot returned to action with a remarkable half hour in which he had 23 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 steal and 3 blocks.

Nightmare For The Heat

Nobody escapes that the contest of The Process will be decisive for the future of the series against Miami. If Philadelphia has an excellent level without one of its capital pieces, everything tends to improve with Embiid on track. The player himself knows it, always so mediatic in his expressions and opinions, and tries to distress the opponent more.

I’m going to be a nightmare for the Heat”, he said at the press conference following the victory in Florida that places 2-1 for the Sixers. “I felt it was time to work, to return, especially after the physical that was Game 2. I love the contact, I love this moment and I love being so physical. I felt that they (76ers) needed me.

The certain thing is that the third party of the series was marked by the physical hardness, with more than thirty faults (indicated) to the rest. In that context, Embiid moves really well. “I’m the best defensive player in the league.”

The Mask

And that had an addition that could limit its performance. The now famous mask, black but translucent, is a mixture of carbon fiber and polycarbonate and has protective goggles inserted into the structure itself. The NBA approved the use of the mask once it found that Embiid could not take advantage of it. “It’s annoying“, said the player himself, who has already suffered an injury to that area of ​​the face in the past, when he was serving for the University of Kansas.

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