Houston Delivers And Wins Game 1 Against Utah

The logical thing in the playoffs is that when a series starts and the away team comes from a long elimination finished two days before, lose. And that’s what happened in Houston. The Rockets prevailed in Game 1 of the conference semifinals to Utah by 110 to 96.

The Jazz, affected by having finished their series against Oklahoma City 38 hours before starting the game and having to play without their starting point, were controlled at all times by the local team. The Rockets began the match by imposing the pace and sending on the scoreboard without the men of Quin Snyder were able to contain what was coming on them and came to rest with 25 points of difference between them.

The Texans came to dominate by 27 points in their favor in what seemed like a monologue, but a good end of the third quarter and the beginning of the last of the Jazz made think that the conclusion of the day would be more even. Finally the logic prevailed and those of Mike D’Antoni had no problems at the time of sentencing and securing the first point of the series.

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