Pelicans Overtook The Warriors And Closed The Series (2-1)

◼️ In home turf, the New Orleans team won by 119-100 and put the series 2-1.

This time the precision was on the other side, the shots from the perimeter were accurate in favor of the Pelicans and the Warriors had to see how, with the passing of the minutes, New Orleans became more effective defensively, more lethal to the offensive to finish prevailing before his people by 119-100 and adding his first victory in the series of semifinals of the Western Conference of the NBA.

Anthony Davis was the man of the night with 33 points, 18 rebounds and four steals. In fact, he was so versatile that when he had to throw his pulse did not shake and he was also accurate when he penetrated and overturned the ball without much opposition from the visiting team. Golden State held the pace as far as it could with an inaccurate Kevin Durant, but still amounted to 22 units.

For his part, Stephen Curry, in his second match after a stoppage for injury, could hardly collaborate with 19 points failing 13 of the 19 shots he had during the match. This Sunday will be the third match, again in New Orleans, where the Pelicans hope to equal the key and continue right to give the surprise in the NBA.

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