The US Supreme Court In Favor Of Sports Betting Legalization

◼️ The Supreme Court overturned a law banning betting on football, baseball, basketball and other sports

The Supreme Court of the United States approved that states allow sports betting throughout the country, nullifying a federal law that prohibited bets for football, basketball, baseball and other sports in most states.

The judges voted 6-3 in favor of repealing the Law of Protection of Professional and Amateur Sports, a 1992 law that prohibited sports betting authorized by the states, with some exceptions. That legislation made Nevada the only state where a person could bet on the outcome of a single party.

Authorities in many states have hoped that their cuts to legal sports betting could solve budget problems. Share prices for casino operators and betting equipment manufacturers increased after the announcement of the ruling.

The decision, in a case from New Jersey, creates a possibility to take out of the shade an activity that many Americans in advance consider a common pastime. The American Betting Association estimates that Americans illegally bet about $ 150 billion on sporting events annually, and a research firm estimated before the ruling that if the Supreme Court decided to nullify the law, it would be very likely that 32 states offered sports betting in a maximum of five years.

After the decision of the Supreme Court, the NFL wants Congress to enact a regulatory framework for legal sports betting.

“Congress has long recognized the potential harms that sports betting represents to the integrity of sporting events and public trust in those events,” the NFL said in a statement. “Given the background, we intend to call again Congress, this time to enact a legal framework for the legalization of sports betting.”

NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who has spoken out in favor of the legalization of sports betting, said his league “will remain active in the ongoing discussions with state legislatures,” on expanding betting options.

The MLB said it will “continue to support legislation that creates close coordination and partnerships between the state, casino operators and sports governing bodies, to protect the integrity of the sport. “ Major League Soccer was in favor of a similar cooperation through a statement.

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