Draymond Green Will Take Economic Advantage Of The New Warriors Nickname

◼️ The Warriors player takes economic control of the new nickname of his own team.

That the Warriors have a new nickname is something that we have discussed here, giving the explanation of why it was now known as the most feared lineup. They have gone from the ‘Death Line-Up‘ to the ‘Hamptons 5’. But it seems that for someone this is going to be more than a mere denomination.

Draymond Green, as TMZ reveals, is now the owner of the intellectual rights of the nickname. The power forward took the patent to be able to use it and exploit it in any field related to sport in a commercial way. There is an application in the registry in the name of Money 23 Green Enterprises, a company that belongs to the Saginaw player.

What is really curious is that this is a movement that started back in 2017, when it was not yet publicly used, indicating that Green had already seen the viability of the business beforehand.

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