The Cavaliers Win Game 7 And The Eastern Conference For The 4th Consecutive Year

◼️ The Cavaliers won their conference by winning 87-79 over Boston Celtics, with the brilliance of the great LeBron James who will now attempt the maximum consecration.

The Cleveland Cavaliers held the Eastern Conference title for the fourth straight season, after beating the Boston Celtics 87-79 in an exciting seventh and final game at the Massachusetts TD Garden.

The trend seemed favorable to the home team after the initial chapter since it started with the difference in favor and managed to hold it until it bounced to eight points, with a daring and plugged Jayson Tatum. Little by little, the Cavs recovered and managed to get to the front in the second quarter – not so on the scoreboard – by trimming the disadvantage to four.

The 20-13 of the third quarter was key for the cast commanded by LeBron James could give a strong blow to the local, before his audience, who had to run from behind for the first time in the game. While the distance was close and there were moments of tension, the Ohioans went from three to ten points advantage in the last three minutes of play and celebrated a great victory.

The King confirmed with his numbers the best of this Game 7 to close with 35 points, 15 rebounds, and 9 assists in 48 minutes on the court and had no pressure to carry the team on his shoulder; a set that before the game culminating in the loss of Kevin Love due to injury. Jeff Green (19), JR Smith (12) and Tristan Thompson (10) accompanied the leader of the away team.

For its part, Tatum’s effort wasn’t enough (24 points), nor that of Al Horford (17) for some Celtics who had a superb season and who delighted after having stayed with 2 in the East in the regular phase.

Cleveland once conquered its division and now waits for Houston Rockets or Golden State Warriors, with a historic LeBron that will appear for the eighth time in a row (four with the Heat, four with the Cavs) in search of the NBA ring.

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