Rodney Hood, The Revulsive Cavs Trust To Turn The 2-0 Warriors Lead

◼️ One of Tyronn Lue’s changes in the Finals is to give Rodney Hood more minutes.

Tyronn Lue prepares some changes for the two games of Cleveland, to which the Cavs arrive with a 2-0 against, of the 2018 Finals of the NBA. And, among them, highlights the inclusion of Rodney Hood again in the rotation, giving him more important minutes soon.

“We’ll give him a chance,” says Lue: “He’ll have his chance, we’ll see how it goes.”

“I do not know when I will leave, at what stage of the match, but they have simply told me to be prepared. I’ve been working hard too, if I can play, go out there and have a good time,” Hood explained to the media.

Jordan Clarkson’s malpractice, the most misguided and misplaced of the Cavaliers’ players so far in the final, as George Hill’s understudy is what has made it possible for Hood, who can play in all three outside positions, to enter game. José Calderón, who has only disputed fragments of what is known as trash minutes, seems to have to keep waiting for his chance.

Hood has been out of the rotation a good part of the playoffs, a situation that worsened in the conference semifinals when he refused to go out to play in a game precisely to dispute that garbage time.

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