LeBron To Houston? An Unrealistic Option For The King

Tonight may be LeBron James’ final game in a Cavaliers shirt. Although it has not been announced or will so until the end of the season, rumors about his next destination have been going for a year with a short list of teams that includes the Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets in addition to his own Cavs, always focused on the present, the only announcement made was to ensure that he didn’t have a favorite franchises to take the next step of his career. Maybe that’s the way it is, but that does not stop him from fitting into some teams more than others.

In Houston, he could have everything he wants. It’s a set made and able to stand up to the current Warriors; and if that wasn’t enough, there plays one of his best friends, Chris Paul. Assuming that the base will renew with those of Texas, it wouldn’t be a surprise that The King saw with good eyes accompany him in the coming campaigns. However, that idyllic setting would clash with the reality that is more adequate to the situation.

We no longer talk about the economic juggling that Houston should do to unite James Harden, Chris Paul, Clint Capela and James, but that for now there would not even be that option on the board. Thus, according to Chris Haynes of ESPN, the possibility of seeing LeBron playing with the Rockets shirt isn’t realistic.

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