6 Mental Tricks To Use As Work Out Motivation

David Jack
Co-founder of Activlab in Phoenix

Great Emotions Come In Contact

Dedicate your training to something bigger than yourself – a sick family member or a cause you believe in. It is a very powerful tool. Write it on your wrist and veil during your next session.

Zach Forrest, CFL4
MaxEffort Fitness, Las Vegas

Breathe And Overcome The Pain

You must find a rhythm that connects your breathing with your repetitions or cadence. So you can concentrate on maintaining it. It is a common strategy in resistance training but you can use it for any routine.

Ben Sweeney, CFL2
Brick New York, New York

Show Critics That They Are Wrong

During the hardest sessions, I think of those people who doubted me or questioned my abilities at some time. Then, I tell myself that I am about to prove they were wrong.

Jared Bullock
SOFLETE, Double Amputee

Take One More Step

Every month, do something that really puts you to the test, a challenge whose fulfillment requires your will, not just your body. I push a sledge with a third of my weight or I do a farmer’s walk with a bar for a mile. It is not a matter of time, but of finishing.

Bobby Maximus
Author of The Maximus Body

Follow A Ladder Scheme

Let’s say that my goal is 55 repetitions of a certain exercise. I don’t do them all in one series. I do 10, then 9, then 8, all the way to 1, resting between rounds. That totals 55 repetitions in total, going from more to less makes it easier.


Joe Holder
Creator of OchoSystem

See The Finish Line

Visualization before starting a career training helps me reduce stress. I think of the distance from beginning to end and I imagine the moments when I will have to deal with some obstacle to decipher how to overcome it.

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