Serena Merciless Against Venus

◼️ The minor of the saga was tremendously superior and resolved the duel against Venus in less than 75 minutes, transmitting great sensations.

There are people who assume to have a special role and act accordingly by getting the best out of themselves, geniuses who reach a level of commitment in which they know they are necessary for many and perceive their need for things to work. Serena Williams is aware that she is in that position. The American feels that she is not just a tennis player (perhaps the best of all times) but that her fight in this US Open 2018 goes far beyond sports. Mother just a year ago, the youngest of the sisters feared for her life after the pregnancy and is willing to channel all her efforts into a success that gives shine the struggle of mothers and the courage of women in an episode as vital as is to have shoots.

Not even her sister can stand in this crusade. As if this were not enough, winning this Grand Slam would mean to equal Margaret Court, the antithesis of Serna in what refers to social thought. With all these ingredients on the table, Serena feeds on each stroke, on each roar on a track excited to see the physical, technical and courageous display that the American tennis player showed. Venus Williams was a puppet in the hands of her youngest sister, eager to take the initiative and find devastating winning blows.

The statistics give an idea of the territorial domain of Serena in tonights’ match against Venus. 88% first service points won, 34 winning shots and only 22 unforced errors, to have to face only one break opportunity against. She played at another speed and she was a cyclone. Venus tried to take many risks but soon realized that her sister was imbued with a winning aura impossible to dispel. She surrendered to her superiority and died standing up, succumbing 6-2 6-1.


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