VIDEO: Jorge Lorenzo’s Bike BREAKS IN HALF After Big Crash In The Thailand MotoGP

◼️ The Ducati rider lost control of his Desmosedici at Turn 3 of the Chang International Circuit.

Jorge Lorenzo, driver of the Ducati Desmosedici team of the Moto GP, gave the world a shock at the Thai Grand Prix when he took off by crashing in the curve 3, at more than 100 kilometers per hour.

The Spanish driver had already been the victim of an accident on September 23 at the Grand Prix of Aragon, Spain, and suffered a fracture and dislocation of the right toes. It only took 11 days for the Spaniard to suffer a new accident, this time due to mechanical failure.

The pilot went off and took six turns towards the outside of the track, while the bike was destroyed, Jorge Lorenzo was transported by ambulance to a hospital, always conscious, and after studies, the Spanish didn’t suffer any fractures.


Lorenzo has the medical discharge to get on the bike for the qualifying session, although the pilot explained that he’ll wait to see how he feels and how much pain the injuries present.

In the last month, Lorenzo started from the first position but was out of the competition in the first corner after losing control of his bike. During the fall, the largest impact was on the right foot, which caused the fractures of the fingers.

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