NFL │ Week 7 Top Games You Cannot Miss

◼️ With the start of Week 7 of the NFL, the breaking-point for several teams also arrives. It’s also a week in which four franchises have bye-weeks.

It’s not only Thursday Nigth Football between the Denver Broncos and the Arizona Cardinals. There are also other games that you can’t miss. That’s why we present you here the 3 games you cannot miss this Week 7 of the NFL.

New England Patriots vs. Chicago Bears

The first mandatory game of Week 7 of the NFL will be at Soldier Field. The New England Patriots will go to the home of the Chicago Bears, looking for their third consecutive victory. One of the most explosive offenses against what is perhaps the best defense of the season. Tom Brady in front of Khalil Mack. Two Division leaders that seek to remain as the strongest of each of them.

Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

It doesn’t matter how they are playing this season. The duels between the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins are usually very attractive. That’s why this game’s considered an NFL Classic. If those the Cowboys take the win, they could be leaders of their Division, a position occupied now by the Redskins. Alex Smith against Dak Prescott. Adrian Peterson against Ezekiel Elliott. We forecast a game with many points on the board.

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The main attraction of Week 7 of the NFL. One that even changed the kick-off time, because of the rating. The Andy Dalton Bengals will go to Arrowhead to face the Chiefs of Patrick Mahomes. Kansas City lost the undefeated against the Patriots. While Cincinnati fell dramatically against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But the Bengals are used to being that ‘underdog’ team that surprises, as long as it’s not in the postseason. So a tight duel is easy to predict.

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