Anthony Davis: “‘I Got To Play Almost Perfect Every Night To Give Us A Chance To Win”

⬛️ For Pelicans to win, Anthony Davis knows he must ‘play almost perfect’ in every game.

Days before the regular season began, exactly on October 12, Anthony Davis made it clear to the media that his obsession was to win. With that single goal in mind, the Pelicans opened the campaign with a fantastic 4-0 while their star was displayed by the courts at the All-Star level. Everything was going according to plan … until an untimely injury arrived.


Without being a serious injury, Anthony was forced to miss up to three games that made them lose firepower optimally. Those of Louisiana are feeling it in the worst possible way: five consecutive defeats to enter the negative record. It’s not a matter of being alarmed. 73 matches remain to define where they will be at the end of the season. However, Davis is clear that if he wants the situation not to turn into a tragedy, he must always play at his best level.

“Of course, I know that in order to win games, a lot of pressure is going to be on me,” Davis told Yahoo Sports while sitting at his locker stall Wednesday night. “If we lose, it’s on me. If we win, they give my team the credit and I’m fine with that.

“A perfect example [was against the Warriors]. I don’t have a good game and we lose. So, I got to play almost perfect every night to give us a chance to win. But my teammates do a great job. Even the games I didn’t play, those guys have been battling night in and night out to get victories. … I don’t try to put too much pressure on myself, but I know it’s there.”

Davis doesn’t sound as if he’s complaining about his teammates. He sounds focused inward, putting more on his own shoulders.

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