virtual office
virtual office

The concept of ‘virtual office’ is not new. Although it has been prevalent for decades, the popularity of virtual offices soared during the pandemic. Not only do virtual offices provide the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime but also enhance productivity along with a reduction in overhead costs and lower turnover rate. 

Having said that, virtual office subscription offers tons of benefits for those who wish to continue working from a remote location and still desire a physical business address. Collaborating virtually for team meetings along with a physical office space and office-related services couldn’t be better for employees and companies alike, and Virtual Offices have made this marvel a reality.

Five major benefits of virtual office 

Here are top five main advantages of choosing virtual offices over traditional workspaces:

1. Taxes and legal documents:

 By giving a monthly subscription, a virtual office tenders facilities with ownership of earnest nature, such as business and statutory registration support such as GST registration, NOC, agreement processing and other legal aspects. These being apropos, it is one of the main facilities that a virtual office in Bangalore can provide as it not only saves the employees from the cumbersome process of applying for a GST but also saves a lot of time. Thus, when you opt for a virtual office, legalities such as company registration will be included in virtual office subscription.


2. Call and courier handling:

 A virtual office also provides you with a business contact number reflecting a foothold from where the work takes place. A permanent business registration address displays a stronger foundation on which an office stands. This enhances your professional image as well. Apart from this, the business phone is not handled by anybody and everybody! Yes, it is attended by an office receptionist who duly takes your messages and coordinates between you and the client. Thus, this is one of the most efficacious features provided by a virtual office.


3. On-demand/complimentary access to well-equipped Meeting Rooms and desk spaces: 

Organizing meetings with clients and employees is hassle-free and convenient in virtual office space. You don’t have to look for a separate place to host a meeting or convert your home to an office. All you need to provide your client is your virtual office address. All the facilities such as professional IT infrastructure and reception and secretarial support are included with the meeting rooms. Moreover, the meeting rooms are equipped with an online call feature, business phone number, a dedicated staff, and a lot more. The meeting rooms show a formal elevation you have as a business. You can get cost-effective virtual office solutions along with a complimentary number of hours to use meeting rooms and desk spaces.


4. Infrastructural and technological support: 

The benefits of virtual offices don’t stop at getting just a virtual address. You can get professional IT infrastructure, fax number for communication, concierge facilities and complimentary access to workspaces. You can access all these facilities 24×7 whilst also saving on the maintenance and upkeep costs of a conventional brick and mortar office.


5. Receive mails at a real business address:

 For establishing your company’s presence, you look forward to a credible and prestigious business address without employing administrative staff or leasing a physical space. With a trusted virtual office company, you can get the facility of receiving and sending mails and be fully operational 24×7. After all, having a real, registered address for work mails is a crucial aspect of projecting a professional image for work. You can avail of customized phone answering and mail handling and courier management just like a physical office address. 

In a nutshell 

Whether you want to set up your business presence in multiple locations, set up new branch offices or maintain minimum capital expenditure, iKeva’s virtual office space solutions offer an array of service-oriented benefits for you and your team. What’s more, the minimum duration of a virtual office contract is as little as one month. Starting from merely a month, you can book a virtual office for years. You are also entitled to upgrade or downgrade your contract anytime you want, even when the contract is ongoing, without compromising on efficiency.  

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