No decision was taken at the second meeting between BRTA and transport owners and workers on introducing half or half fare on buses for students. However, the transport leaders have put forward several proposals to the government to introduce it.

Meanwhile, Khandaker Enayet Ullah, general secretary of the Dhaka Road Transport Owners’ Association, said after the meeting, ’80 percent of the transport owners operating in Dhaka are poor. Some people run their families with a bus. How will they handle the loss.
Earlier on Thursday, a meeting was held at the secretary level of various ministries under the chairmanship of the Road Transport Secretary. Transport owners and labor leaders took part in the meeting.

A meeting was held at the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) office in the capital’s Banani on Saturday between the authority and transport owners and labor leaders. At the meeting, the transport leaders presented their views on the implementation of half fare.

During the meeting, Khandaker Enayet Ullah said that the students were protesting for half rent. Efforts are on to resolve their grievances.

Enayet Ullah said about the total loss or subsidy when half rent is introduced, nothing can be done immediately. Time is needed, it is not possible without a task force. A unanimous decision has to be taken by forming a task force with all the concerned organizations. The task force will determine the amount of loss in half rent.

Responding to a question from reporters about the prevailing practice of half fare, the transport owners claimed that there was no provision for taking half fare from students before, not yet. Some transport workers used to accept it during the students’ quarrels. But if it is decided officially, it has to be given to everyone. In a country where voter ID cards, driving licenses are fake, how will the studentship prove?
Calling on the students to return to their classrooms after the meeting, BRTA Chairman Nur Mohammad Majumder said, “The demands of the students have reached the government. The government is sincere about the logical demands of the students. It will take time to bring it into the legal framework.

On the other hand, in the proposal given by the transport owners and labor leaders, it has been said that statistics are needed on how many students use buses to travel to schools, colleges and universities in Dhaka city. In addition, transport cards can be introduced for students, which can confirm the identity of the educational institution. Private educational institutions can start transport themselves. With the increase in BRTC buses, students can be brought to and from Dhaka. Because, BRTC bus gets government subsidy.

Transport leaders say private transport owners do not get any benefits. Therefore, if half rent is introduced, it is necessary to know from which fund the remaining rent money will be paid. Leaders also want to know how special incentives will be provided to the owners of the transports that will implement half fare. They also mentioned that the money is returned from the education budget every year and suggested to use this money in the transport sector for subsidy.

During the meeting, the BRTA chairman said the details of the owners’ proposal to introduce half-rent were discussed. If it is introduced, those who do not study can also create fake student ID cards. The bus owners also want confirmation of which students will be eligible. In the previous meeting, the concerned department of the Ministry of Education has been asked to report. Having regular meetings to move towards a solution, there will be more. . .

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