The Russian economist SS Baranov divided the history of the infiltration of West Pakistani trade and industry into the East Pakistani economy before independence. Such as before and after 1970. He wrote that non-Bengali capital infiltrated the province in the fifties mainly through capital imports and construction of factories. And in the sixties it became more integrated. Several groups and communities were able to take a strong position in trade and commerce at this time.

In his book, Characteristics of East Bengal Economic Development (1947-1971), he writes that in the late sixties, some families living in East Pakistan emerged as big industrialists. SS Baranov also gave their detailed identities. Akbar Ali Afrikawala was included in the fifth group. The group was owned by Taherali Alibhai, Abdul Hossain Alibhai and Akbar Ali Alibhai.

Our pioneer of 50 years of economy is our today’s entrepreneur Akbar Ali Afrikawala family. He is not alive. He started it. And his son Alihosain Akbar Ali has taken it a long way. He is now called the guru of steel industry in Bangladesh. All the groundbreaking changes in the iron and steel industry of this country have come at his hands. He is the Chairman of Bangladesh Steel Re-Rolling Mills (BSRM). There is no big project in Bangladesh now where BSRM rods are not being used. BSRM rods are being used in big projects like Padma bridge, Rooppur nuclear power plant, flyover, Karnafuli tunnel.

All the landmark changes in the iron and steel industry of this country have come at the hands of Alihosain Akbar Ali. In 1974, with the help of high-strength ‘cold-twist steel rods’, he started diversifying his products in the steel industry. Then he popularized 60 grade rods. And since 2006, he has revolutionized the steel sector by making one power rod after another. Others have marketed high-powered rods along the path he has shown. His name has come up again and again in both the history and development of the steel industry.

Alihosain Akbar Ali spoke of himself near the first light. They have been printed more than once. He said he had just finished chartered accountancy. He was offered a high-paying job at Saudi Arabia’s state oil company Aramco. The family business was then in the steel sector. Business or job – which will be settled, in this thought, he finally asked his father for advice. Dad handed him the key to life, ‘You can be an accountant at any time in your life, but you will never have the experience of being in business.’

Alihosain Akbar Ali joined the family business in 1982 after being offered a job worth Rs 25,000 per month. Not only did he join, but with his tireless work he took the steel factory built by his parents and uncles to new heights. Despite studying accounting, the country’s engineering sector has gained a reputation as a master of the steel industry.

The history of steel in this country started 6 years ago, in 1952. The start time of today’s BSRM group is the same at the factory in Nasirabad industrial area of ​​Chittagong. His father Akbar Ali Afrikawala was the first to lead this sector. Then he took the helm. This golden age is also about 43 years.

He did not even get a job offer in Saudi Arabia. Inspired by his father, he got involved in steel business with his uncle in Karachi. After gaining experience, he returned to Chittagong in 1986 and joined BSRM factory.

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