Renowned musician and BJP MP Babul Supriya left the BJP on September 18 and joined the Trinamool. After seven years in the Union Cabinet of India, the BJP finally gave up on Modi this year. Then Trinamool’s All India General Secretary, MP Abhishek Bandyopadhyay joined the Trinamool. Since then, there has been a lot of speculation in the state that the Trinamool Congress will either make Babul Supriya a member of the Rajya Sabha or a member of the state cabinet. But Mamata Banerjee did not put Babul Supriya in these two posts. In the meantime, the by-elections to the Legislative Assembly and the two vacant seats in the Rajya Sabha have been decided. One was Sushmita Deb, a former MP from Assam who had just joined the grassroots, and the other was Faleiro, a former Goa chief minister.

It has been almost two months since Babul Supriya joined the grassroots. But even at this time, Babul Supriya has not been appointed to any post in the grassroots. Now there is a new speculation in the state politics. Elections for Kolkata and Howrah Municipal Corporations are scheduled for December 19. According to political sources, Trinamool can nominate Babul Supriya as the mayor of Kolkata in that election.

Because, Mamata has already announced, the Trinamool Congress will henceforth follow the one person one post policy. Earlier it was also rumored that Mamata could now nominate a woman for the post of mayor of Kolkata. In that case, the name of the leader MLA Chandrima Bhattacharya came up. But since Chandrima is now the state’s urban development minister, one person’s name has been dropped from the post. The names of the current municipal administrator and former mayor Firhad Hakim were also left out of the policy. So now the political practice has started anew in Kolkata, but is Babul Supriya really getting nominated for the post of mayor of Kolkata? According to media reports, the second strongest person in the Trinamool Congress is now Mamata’s nephew and MP and Trinamool Congress general secretary Abhishek Banerjee. Babul Supriya is at the top of his list of favorites now. As a result, a strong political exercise has started with Babul Supriya around the upcoming Calcutta Municipal Corporation elections.

Babul Supriya became the BJP’s Asansol MP and twice got a seat in the Union Cabinet. Babul Supriya announced his resignation from politics on July 31 after this year’s state assembly elections. However, he also said that he will leave politics and serve the country. But disregarding those promises, Babul Supriya joined the Trinamool on 18 September. Earlier, he left the Union Cabinet on July 8. In the last assembly elections, the BJP nominated Babul Supriya as its MLA for the Tollygunge constituency in Kolkata, but he lost to the Trinamool candidate. Although he did not leave his Asansol MP post. When the Union Cabinet was reshuffled, Babul Supriya left the BJP frustrated that he did not get a seat in that cabinet.

Babul Supriya is a renowned musician, actor, composer and music director. Age 50 years. In 2014, he became an MP for the first time in Asansol constituency of Burdwan. Became Union Minister of State. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, he became an MP again in this seat. But in this assembly election, BJP nominated him for the post of MLA in Tollygunge constituency. In that election, Babul Supriya lost. He then remained in politics with his former MP post. But he was left out during the reshuffle of the Union Cabinet on July 8. Another state minister of the state Debashree Chowdhury was also left out. Instead, the BJP has four new state ministers from the state in the Union Cabinet. And this is what Babul Supriya could not accept in his heart. So he decided to resign from the BJP.

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