The movie screen came down. The audience is fascinated by the movie ‘Darun’. They were preparing to leave the theater with this rash of feeling good. But a big surprise was waiting for them. Rehana Maryam Noor appeared in front of them as a light in the dark theater. The people of Chittagong saw another form of struggling woman seen on the screen. Ajmeri Haq Bandhan is passionate about their love. He told about the love and excitement of the people about the movie.

Bandhan entered the auditorium of Kazir Deuri at 5:30 pm on Friday with the movie crew. At the beginning, he expressed his excitement. He said, ‘Chittagong is an overseas city. The minds of the people of this city are also very big. From the director of ‘Rehana Maryam Noor’ to the many residents of this city. This is your (People of Chittagong) movie. We are very happy with your enthusiasm for this movie. ‘

The movie Abdullah Mohammad Saad from Chittagong has already been acclaimed in the world. Received international awards. However, the viewers of Chittagong are also excited about this movie of the son of the house.

After many days, everyone was excited to see a good movie. Fans were eager to take pictures and selfies with the on-screen heroine to commemorate the occasion. Bandhan did not disappoint the fans. He ran to the audience. Taking pictures. Told the story. You know the good and the bad of the movie. Gave autograph. A schoolgirl named Farheen has brought a letter. Is he happy to hand it over to his favorite actress? With such love, Bandhan pulled the fan to his chest.

Abund Hossain, the owner of Sugandha, said that after many days, the Bengali film world came to life. He said in the first light, ‘Rehana Maryam Noor’ is the proof that people come to see a good movie. Running for a week. But there is no shortage of visitors. Every day people of different ages are coming starting from youth. Let this trend continue, that is the wish.

The crowd of fans has decreased. In this gap, Bandhan spoke about the feeling of love found in Chittagong in the first light. He said, ‘I have been to the theaters of Dhaka for so many days. I don’t know much about the response outside Dhaka. I came here yesterday. I have been getting good response since coming. Everybody knows about “Rehana Maryam Noor” starting from the airport where I got up and went to eat. He was talking about it. ‘

However, the presence and response of the audience of Sugandha Cinema Hall has exceeded all his expectations. “I am fascinated to be here today,” said the lead artist of Rehana Maryam Noor. I don’t really know how to express my feelings. The way they (viewers) were expressing their liking, it actually felt a lot better. You can understand it by looking at me. The owners of the hall say that after many years, this hall has been visited in this way. Nice to hear that. All in all, we are very happy. “

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