It is important to collect website data after continuous pumping out engaging and creative content on the website. We need some analytic tools to collect the website data for qualitative and quantitative analysis of the site. It requires evaluation and analysis to achieve the target goal of the website. These tools help to gauge the reach of your content available on the website. These tools bring forth weak and strong areas of the website by collecting the website data.

Furthermore, analytic tools to collect website data give insight into competitor’s website strategies. So, you can grow the reach of your website by using different analytic tools to collect website data. Most of the features of these analytic tools are free of cost. The website evaluation and analysis is important to create an impact on the internet world. Here are some different analytic tools to collect website data:

Tools to Collect Website Data:

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is one of the most prominent analytics tools to collect website data. Most importantly, it is a free analytic tool to collect website data. It evaluates the performance of your website. One of the best features of Google Analytics is the Goal Funnel. It allows you to create a list of URLs clicked by a visitor while going through your website. It gives you an idea of visitor’s behaviour. Consequently, you can adjust your strategies to improve the experience of a visitor.

In addition, Google Analytics will tell you that which keywords bring visitors to your site. You can also know about the devices and browsers of your visitors. Google Analytics tracks the traffic to your websites. By using different filters and metrics you can generate your reports. Moreover, it enables you to get notifications and alerts of your website’s progress. It has also a paid version, Google Analytic 360 that includes more advanced features to collect website data.

Crazy Egg:

Crazy Egg uses the activity of visitors on the website for analysis. It records where users click and the movement of the mouse. Mouse-hovering establishes that what the user is seeing on your web page. It also helps in improving your web design to make it user-friendly. It produces heat maps based on the activity of visitors to the website. Thus, you can easily know that what content of your site is eye-catching and engaging. It has a one-month free trial and paid version starts at $9 per month for generating 10 Heat maps.


Kissmetrics collects website data to boost and grow your business. It divides the website visitors into different groups to track them. It tracks the behaviour of visitors on the website to improve it.  It helps in creating loyal customers by engaging and facilitating them as per their aspirations. However, the unique feature of Kissmetrics is its integration with social media networks. This integration leads you to target the audience for social media ads. It can also trigger an automated email marketing campaign to engage the visitors.


Bitly is famous for its feature of shortening links for free. It enables you to share those links and thoroughly analyse their performance. It generates a report of the total number of clicks on a link and the time of clicks. Furthermore, it provides you with information on platforms used to share those links. It analyses the performance of content by collecting results from all of the links. It has a very user-friendly and interactive interface.


Recommended by a dissertation help firm, Piwik is free software that you can download and host on your server to collect website data. It produces visitor maps based on the activity of visitors on the website. It informs you about the keywords which land visitors to your website. It tracks the specific event to monitor the performance of the website. However, its mobile app and unlimited data storage stand it out from the rest. One of its key features is ‘row evolution ‘which enables you to move your cursor on any link or event and get a detailed history of instant. You can also draw a comparison of different data to assess their performance on different platforms.

Open Web Analytics:

Open Web Analytics is alternative free tool just like Piwik. It comes up with unlimited storage of data on it. In addition, there is no limit to the number of websites you can analyse through it. It gives you information on visitors’ location, total number of visits, new visits and referral sites. It pinpoints the point where a user clicks by click tracking. Therefore, it tells you about the interest of visitors. Furthermore, it also records the mouse hovering to generate heat maps.


Clicky provides a cleaner interface for better interpretations to collect website data. There is no point in data collection if you cannot understand it or interpret its findings. It keeps the record of every visitor. It tracks and records the visitor activity. It saves the visitor behaviour on the website along with the total time spent on the website. Moreover, it stores the location of every visitor and referral site to your website. It produces heat maps of each individual to evaluate the behaviour of a visitor.

Clicky offers an integration with Twitter to monitor Twitter mentions of your website in any way including keywords and website. Clicky does not offer most of its features for free. In the free version, you can have one website that has less than 3000 views. Beyond that, you have to buy the paid version which ranges from $9.99 to $79.99 per month.


SimilarWeb is a prominent analytic tool to monitor the strategies and activities of your competitors and collect website data. It helps you to rearrange your strategy by drawing a comparison of websites with your competitor. You can compare the traffic and ranking of your website with competing sites. It provides you with the information rank and traffic by local and country wise. It exposes the paid search traffic on any website. In the free version, you can compare only two sites. It will compare the ranking, traffic overview and referrals. Beyond two websites, you need to have a paid version of SimilarWeb that starts at $199 per month.

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