A scientist has claimed that coronavirus has spread from a market in Wuhan, China, where animals are traded. University of Arizona virus researcher Michael Orobi made the claim in an article published in the journal Science last Thursday. The scientist said that the coronavirus was detected in Uhan just a few days after the World Health Organization (WHO) said it had detected the coronavirus. News AFP

Experts have been working hard to identify the source of the virus since the Corona epidemic began about two years ago. There is disagreement among experts about the origin of the virus as there is no specific evidence. It has been said that the virus was first transmitted from bats to humans. There are also rumors that the virus has spread from his lab. Researchers at the World Health Organization (WHO) have suggested that the virus, which could infect humans, could be transmitted by bats from undetected states for decades.

In mid-May, 15 experts, including Michael Orobi, wrote a column in a science journal. They demanded that the prevailing theory that the virus had spread from his laboratory be taken seriously.

In a recent report published in the journal Science on Thursday, Orobi claimed that he had found reliable evidence in research on the origin of the coronavirus. Orobi claims that he has strong evidence that the Corona epidemic began in the livestock market.

According to the World Health Organization, the first person to be infected with Kovid was a man. He has never been to a market that sells wild animals and livestock. However, Michael Orobi has denied the information. He claims that the first woman in Uhan was infected with corona. He used to work in that market. The information provided by Orobi on the origin of Kovid-19 indicates that the virus has spread from the animal’s body.

The World Health Organization (WHO) report claims that the first person to be diagnosed with corona in Uhan has been ill since December 6, 2019. However, Orobi claims that the man, according to the World Health Organization, did not fall ill before December 16. Orobi cited a video interview as evidence. A 41-year-old man matched the description of the victim, based on a scientific article and hospital information.
Based on various data presentations, Orobi claimed that the first victim was a woman who worked in the market. The woman fell ill on December 11, 2019.

Peter Daszak, an expert on the World Health Organization’s research team, said he liked Orobi’s analysis. “The date of December 6 was wrong,” he said.

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