The age limit for performing Umrah for foreigners is 18 and above.

Haramain Sharifain authorities in Saudi Arabia said on Thursday night.

The same age limit has been set for those wishing to travel to Saudi Arabia. However, in the case of people living in the country, it is 12 years and above.

As the Haramain Sharifain authorities clarified the important issue, Muslims willing to perform foreign Umrah were relieved of their doubts.

There is no maximum age limit. When Umrah was first opened after the Coronation Period, it was fixed at fifty years, then at sixty. Now that decision has also changed.

There is no obstacle for people of this age group who are physically and financially able to perform Umrah. If you have taken two doses of Covid-19 vaccine, you can apply for Umrah visa.

It is to be noted that a few days ago, an online news portal based in Egypt published news that only 18 to 50 year olds can perform Umrah. The news was spread in the media of different countries including Bangladesh.

Since then, Muslims from different countries have been waiting to know the real issue. Following the announcement by the Haramain Sharifine authorities, it became clear that the controversial news online was a rumor.

EVM voting will be held in Kolkata Municipality, the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal.

Polling will be held in Kolkata on December 19 in compliance with Corona’s health rules. The state election commission said this at a press conference on Thursday afternoon. Khabar Anandabazar newspaper.

The day of counting of possible votes is 21st December. However, the final announcement on the count will be made later, the commission said.

West Bengal State Commission chairman Sourav Das told a news conference that polling would be held in 144 wards of Kolkata. The polling will be held in 4782 booths and 375 additional booths in 1608 centers.

There will be no meeting-procession after 7 pm. Emphasis has been placed on small meetings. You can go home and take a maximum of 5 people in the election campaign. The code of conduct was issued on Thursday.

Two emails threatening to kill former India cricketer Gautam Gambhir have come from Pakistan. That is what the Delhi Police claimed on Thursday.

Earlier, the cricketer received Gambhir’s first email around 9.30 pm on Tuesday. It said, “We will kill you and your family.” Gambhir received a second threatening email around 2.30pm on Wednesday.

This email said – We tried to kill you, but you survived yesterday. If you love your life and family, stay away from politics and Kashmir issue. The second email was accompanied by a picture of Gautam Gambhir’s house.

After receiving the threat, Gambhir’s personal secretary Gaurab Aurora lodged a written complaint with the local police station.

Delhi Police said on Thursday that Google had been asked to provide details of the account. According to Google, it came from Pakistan. The IP address is also from Pakistan.

The incident will be further investigated, police said. The Delhi Police Slipper Cell is also investigating the incident.

Gambhir had been threatened before. The former Indian cricketer was elected a Member of Parliament from East Delhi for the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

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