How fast can electric skateboards run
How fast can electric skateboards run

How fast can electric skateboards run? This miserable question always comes to mind if you have an eboard or plan to purchase an electric skateboard. In this blog post, you’ll get to know the maximum and highest speed of electric skateboards. I successfully did detailed research on different electric skateboard brand collections to find out the answer.

Electric skateboards are highly enjoyable and exciting. Whether you use it for fun or traveling, you surely love to have a fast and adventurous ride. Everyone wants to move with the shortest turnaround, which is why electric skateboards are coming in to consider when people want a fast and productive ride!

Speed of an average electric skateboard:

An average e-skateboard can go 12-20 miles over a speed of 18-28 mph. The speed of electric skateboards depends on several essential factors: model, user’s weight, pavement, weather, motor, battery, and wheels. We will quickly go through all aspects one by one behind.

Fastest speed of an electric skateboard:

The fastest e-skateboard is under the belt of NGV Nextboard. The brand invented the fastest electric skateboard, which can go at 60 mph.

The fastest electric skateboard brands:

  • Acton Blink
  • Aeboard
  • Backfire
  • Boosted
  • Evolve
  • Meepo
  • One Wheel
  • Own Board
  • WowGo

Factors affecting the speed of electric skateboards:

Manifestly, fast speed is not only the game of powerful motor and energetic battery. It starts with all the chemistry and physics related to electric skateboard manufacturing. You see, companies tested their eboards in ideal condition; that’s why the mentioned speed is sometimes unreliable. So how fast can electric skateboards run considering all the elements?

1. Motor power

Power is the main element to accelerate your skateboard. If you want top speed, you must have a powerful motor that holds high energy.

2. Battery charge

Charging provides electric current and energy to the motor. Hence, it is mandatory to fully charge your battery before riding your e-skateboard.

3. Remote control

It’s good if you are aware of remote controller settings. Every remote has options to start your eboard with a slow speed to ho higher. You can get the fast speed by selecting the highest speed option.

4. Weather and land condition

Clearly, weather and terrain effect your speed. Electric skateboards always run smoothly on sleek roads. Rocks, pavement quality ramps and inclined planes will slow your speed.

5. Wheels

Low quality or loose wheels always create trouble while steering. That’s why, ensure that you’ve high quality, strong and big wheels tightened with your skateboard’s deck.

6. User’s weight

Undoubtedly, a thin person can manage electric skate board’s stance pretty well than a fat person. If you’re heavy rider, your skateboard will face stopping distance and riding capability. The heavy riders can’t climb hills and top points because their weight increases the friction.

7. Remote Charging

As mentioned above, battery power matters. So ensure that your battery receives notifications with no hurdles, always keep your remote charge. Maximum charging refers to intact transmission of messages from remote to skateboard.

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