Caring for older dogs is a lot different than with younger pups and middle-aged canines. Just as humans need extra attention in the later stage of their lives, so also do pets. The body system loses some of its normal function due to the effect of aging. And as such need help with managing certain functions.

While most dog breeds can live up to 18 years, the average life span is between 10 and 13 years. So if you have a dog that is over 10 years old, you surely will notice changes in its usual behavior. You can find more here  on personality changes to look for in senior dogs. But you don’t have to worry too much as it is possible to help senior canines cope better with aging by making use of the best CBD oil for dogs.

Challenges Older Dogs Face

As your pet pock gets older, they tend to exhibit signs that they surely have come of age. And while this is something that can make you unease, you want to make sure that you take the time to assist them with this difficult time of their life. 

They no longer take interest in the things they used to do when they were younger and will take on an appearance that surely is typical of aging. But rather than giving them the distance or looking to adopt a new pup, you want to help them age gracefully. Some of the challenges older dogs face include :

Hearing and Vision Loss

You will notice they no longer find it easy to take commands like they used to. They will also exhibit problems with their vision. The first sign is cataracts in the eyes and you can easily detect that there is something wrong with their sight. Cloudiness of the eyes and fluids dripping out of the lens is something that will surely make them uncomfortable. You can schedule them for a check with the vet to have cataracts removed and get eye drops to help with clearing out the cloudiness.


As with the case with humans, senior dogs will also have issues with their cognitive functions in their later years. They tend to lose consciousness, become disoriented, suffer from insomnia, and will surely be restless for no reason. If it gets to this stage, you can find the use ofCBD oil for dogs to help with maintaining cognitive function. But you want to also make sure to visit the vet to consider long-term treatment options.


There is also the chance that they will have difficulty with movement. And if you used to have a dog that used to jump around with so much energy. The intensity reduces as they begin to develop pain in the joints. You can find CBD oil for dogs that help manage pain in the joints and help with movement. Other treatment options such as the use of mobility aid can assist them with getting around.


Dogs will also develop bumps and lumps as they grow older and there is no reversing this condition as it is the same experience with humans. But the good thing is that you can manage it with the right treatment. What you can do is try CBD oil to help with the pain while you speak with your vet about a more intensive treatment option to help them manage better.

Caring for Older Dogs

As humans surely need help with the aging process at care homes that provide around-the-clock monitoring and assistance with health issues, you will also need to do the same with your pet when they get older. You will need to give them close observation that you used to, and also ensure that they get the best treatment as they show challenges with their health.


You will need to make sure they eat a healthy and balanced diet and you may have to force them to do this as they may not be interested in food as they used to. It is common for them to lose appetite and struggle with picking food up from the bowl. So you may need to help them get it into their mouth. This page has more on the best diet for senior dogs. 

Bath and Grooming

It is mandatory that older dogs stay neat always as they could easily fall ill if they play around in the dirt. Keeping their environment clean and bathing regularly should be a routine for you if you don’t make this a must when they are young. Another thing is getting them to the bathroom when they need to poo. They may begin to defecate around the house as they may find it difficult to remember their usual routines and will need help with keeping up with the usual bathroom rounds.


Even with mobility issues, you want to help your pooch to keep up with their exercise routine. And while it may not be as intense as it used to be, you will need to try your best to help them stay in shape. A visit to the park where they get to walk and hop around will surely help relieve tired nerves. It may also be a good idea to try CBD oils for dogs to help provide relief from pain and inflammation in the later years.  

Regular Visit to the Vet

There is also the need to check in with the vet regularly to ascertain their health condition. This can help with preventing the onset of severe health issues that could affect their wellbeing. If you used to do this two to three times a year when they were young, you want to increase the frequency to every three months so you can stay on top of the state of health and wellbeing.

Bottom Line

Close observation will be mandatory for older dogs as they will need help with doing things they usually do by themselves. You will also need to stock up on supplements that can help with managing certain health challenges. CBD oil for dogs is a good option for relieving pain and digestive problems. You will also find it useful for sleep and maintaining mental health.

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