1. JHeadphones such as JBL Earbuds as well as JBL Headphones, have become an essential part of our lives, however, a lot of problems have been caused by different kinds of headphones such as damaging of your ears. Excessive loud noise can harm the neurons, membranes and some other delicate elements of the inner part of the ear. The signals don’t get through to the brain if certain portions of the ear aren’t working properly, and the signals aren’t transmitted. Permanent hearing loss happens when the sensitive components of your ears are injured to a point that your ears cannot be healed anymore. The inner part of the ear is an extremely fragile structure that is easily damaged by loud noises. Most of the cells of hair in the ear may be compromised by the time a hearing test confirms the condition, that is why it is so important to take care of your ears. Nevertheless, here are some of the best ways of how to use your headphones in order to avoid damaging your ears:

1. Take Breaks

If neither of the above methods seem feasible, simply taking breaks from your headphones might help prevent hearing loss caused by headphones. The more loud music you listen to, the more likely your hearing are to be injured. Take a 5-10 minute rest every 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Because hearing loss is caused not only by volume, but also by time. The more you expose your hearing to loud noises, the more serious the damage becomes. Another thing to keep in mind is to limit your listening time at this volume to less than 60 minutes each day. Also, keep in mind that lesser quantities can be tolerated for longer periods of time.

2. Use headphones that can cancel noise

When using headphones, most individuals filter out other noises by increasing the volume when the outside world becomes louder. Wear noise-canceling headphones instead to compensate for the increased external volume. Active noise-canceling headphones work by continually recording and creating waves that cancel out extraneous noise. The sound quality degrades as well, and the only way to compensate for the annoying external noise is to pump up the volume. The PLAYGO BH47, for example, provides excellent noise cancelling in even the noisiest of environments, resulting in a smooth listening experience.

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